Product Lines

Ametek Aegis

(508) 998-3141 Company Website

  • Microelectronic Packages
  • Terminals & Headers
  • High Temp Multilayered Co-Fired Ceramic Packages

Aegis has established a reputation as the leading designer and manufacturer of hermetic packages in the world. AMETEK Aegis has built a team of dedicated professionals whose expertise in the metal hermetic package industry is unrivaled. Combined with a world-class manufacturing facility, our engineering and manufacturing skills enable us to make industry standard glass-to-metal-seal packages (Flatpacks, Plug-ins, Platforms) through to the most complex hermetically sealed microelectronic package assemblies, which include DC and RF interconnects, ceramic modules and thermal management materials.

Ametek Coining

(201) 791-4020 Company Website

  • Preforms
  • Spherical Preforms
  • Microstampings
  • Cover Assemblies
  • Available Alloy List

Coining manufactures solder preforms and brazing preforms, including popular gold tin preforms that are used for joining applications in microelectronics packaging and assembly. Coining also is a leading producer of gold, aluminum and copper bonding wire as well as jumper chips, bonding pads, tabs, heat sinks, lead frames, solder spheres and cover assemblies for the microelectronics industry. Our small Kovar™, molybdenum, copper, tungsten and clad stamped parts, often packaged in tape and reel configuration or in waffle packs, are used by many customers throughout the world.

Ametek Glasseal Products

(732) 370-9100 Company Website

  • Commercial and Mil Spec Connectors
  • Commercial and Mil Spec Headers
  • Microelectronic Hermetic Packages
  • TO's and Battery Seals
  • Tantalum Capacitors Seals
  • End Seals

For more than 50 years, Glasseal Products has been at the forefront of technology in the production of high quality, low and high volume, glass-to-metal seals. Located in Lakewood, New Jersey, Glasseal is an integral part of HCC Industries, and has a depth of product range, from commercial and mil spec connectors and headers to microelectronic hermetic packages, TO's and battery seals, tantalum capacitors seals, and end seals.

KMS Machine

(508) 822-3151 Company Website

  • CNC Swiss Screw Machining
  • Precision CNC Turning
  • Contract Machining Services
  • Precision CNC Milling
  • Prototypes & Short Run

KMS is a provider of precision screw machining services with 27 years of supporting multiple industries. KMS’ manufacturing capabilities include 17 CNC Citizens, 13 of which are 32mm bar capable; tool room & prototype machining, precision deburring and sub-assembly capabilities and for those applications where required, in-house TIG welding services.

Questech Laser Services

(972) 278-8006 Company Website

  • Silicon Machining
  • Resistor Trimming
  • Ceramic Laser Machining
  • Diamond Sawing

Questech is a laser job shop featuring ceramic substrate scribing, laser silicon machining, resistor trimming, ceramic substrate dicing and sawing and laser marking services.  Questech, the fastest lasers in the west!

Semiconductor Enclosures, Inc.

978-462-1880 Company Website

Semiconductor Enclosures Incorporated (SEI) is a powder to package, fully integrated HTCC precision ceramics manufacturer located in Newburyport, Massachusetts. SEI provides ceramic tape systems, ceramic substrates, multilayer ceramic substrates, metallization services, metal to ceramic assemblies, and microelectronic ceramic packaging. We specialize in variety of aluminas, ZTA, and AlN. SEI provides ceramic based products and services to customers in microwave, RFAlN power, Hi-Rel, military, communications, aerospace, medical, optical and industrial markets.

Sentec E&E Co., LTD

886-975-582-588 Company Website

  • Direct Plating Copper (DPC)
  • Ni/Pd/Au Plating
  • Au/Sn Metallization
  • Non-Shrinkage LTCC

Sentec is a TS16949 and National Awards certified manufacturer with headquarters in Taiwan. Our technologies were co-developed together with Panasonic Ceramic Devices Group in the early 1990’s. Our specialty is developing ways to help solve your thermal problems with our unique DPC on alumina or AlN.